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St. Joseph's Care Group

Withdrawal Management Programs


Supportive stabilization

Support Individuals to detoxify from alcohol and other drugs and maintain a stable condition.

Facilitate referrals for medical and psychiatric needs

A Nurse Practitioner is available Monday to Fridays and a physician 1/2 day a week to provide primary care and referrals for medical needs. A mental health intake is available to provide mental health assessments and referrals as needed.

Engage the clients in the assessment and referral process for substance

Available on site is staff that provide comprehensive alcohol and drug assessments for those clients seeking additional services.

Provide education and awareness sessions

Available to all clients is access to educational literature and videos. Early Recovery Group and the Back to Basics Recovery Group provide additional client information and education.

Provide information on community resources

All staff are available to assist clients with community resources and referrals. Back to Basics Recovery Group and the Early Recovery Group provide additional information regarding community services.

Back to Basics Early Recovery group is offered on-site

One of the most frequently identified gaps in service is a supporting program for individuals who are currently struggling with both chronic substance abuse and serious mental health issues. These individuals tend to "fall through the cracks" which currently exist in addiction and mental health systems, cycling repeatedly through both service sectors.. The Back to Basics" Recovery Group provides direct care services and facilitate an important linkage between mental health and addictions, providing a coordinated approach to client care. Utilizing a harm reduction, client centered approach, "Back to Basics" Recovery Group provides lifeskills training, education/awareness, relapse prevention strategies, and facilitate access to community resources.

Early Recovery Group is offered on-site

The great struggle for individuals is not in the decision to change because most people decide to change at some point but in the level of conviction in following through with that change. This educational group provides support for those who are struggling with a decision about committing to substance abuse treatment and to increase motivation to persist with treatment goals. To participate, individuals must be stable enough to engage in group discussions and have completed an alcohol and drug assessment.


Daytox is a structured, client-centred program for people who do not require residential detoxification to manage their withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. This service offers education, individual and group support, as well as other treatment options.

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