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Problem Gambling & Behavioural Addictions Program

Problem Gambling & Behavioural Addictions Program

Problem Gambling is an addiction. Problems with a person’s gambling behavior can arise from repeated feelings of excitement or reward when participating in a gambling behavior. For some, the need to chase that feeling can become overwhelming, affecting a person’s financial life, relationships, work, school, emotional health and even their physical health. This type of addiction is often referred to as a Behavioural Addiction or Process Addiction because the addiction is not a result of ingesting substances like drugs or alcohol.

Along with continuing our services to those affected by gambling problems, we are now also offering services for other behavioural addictions. Are you or someone you know affected by a behavioural addiction? Click on the links below to learn more about the help we can offer, in the areas of:

Gambling Gaming
Internet/Online Overuse Shopping/Overspending Pornography & Sex

All services are Free and Confidential to anyone requesting help.

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