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Eating Disorders Programs

Regional Outreach

The Regional Outreach Eating Disorder Program is offered under the services of the Ministry of Health. It offers consultation, support, training and leadership in Level One services to rural and outlying communities in Northern Ontario through the use of innovative programming and progressive communication technologies. In addition, the Regional Outreach Program provides leadership and support in developing and expanding linkages between communities and agencies within the region as well as between out communities/agencies, Provincial Outreach Services, and Level Two and Three services outside the region.


The Regional Outreach Program believes that services to individuals should be offered with the least intrusive intervention possible for effective treatment, and that the needs of individuals are preferably met in their own communities. We are committed to providing consultation, support and training to regional communities and agencies to support this belief.

In addition, the Regional Outreach Eating Disorder Program's consultation, support and training services are based on best practices in the field of Eating Disorders. As Eating Disorders are often complex, we are committed to supporting the use of a multi-disciplinary team approach, whenever possible and when it is determined by the need of the client. Out multidisciplinary team consist of a Psychologist, a Registered Dietitian, a Psychometrist, a Family Therapist and a Social Worker.

Client Access To The Program

Referrals will be accepted from physicians, private practitioners and other providers. Physician involvement is required subsequent to the initial visit and on an on-going basis afterward.

The Assessment Process

Upon admission to our Program, a client will undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine the severity, type, history and associated features of the eating pathology, and whether or not other mental health issues need to be addressed. This assessment will include meeting with a Clinician and Dietitian, and, as required, the Family Therapist and/or Psychologist. The information gathered during the assessment includes a description of eating behaviour patterns and associated attitudes as they relate to weight, dieting, binge eating, purging and exercise.

Upon completion, the team members conducting the assessment will meet with the client and family to provide feedback and recommendations. A clinical report will be forwarded to the referring Clinician.

Clinician Access To The Program

Clinicians in the region can access information and obtain consultations from the Program. This may occur in person with the Regional Resource Clinician in the home community or though telephone contact. Access to this service is through the Regional Resource Clinician. Members of the multidisciplinary team will also be available for consultation.

Clinician Training

The Regional Outreach Program will work collaboratively with community level resources and with the Provincial Outreach Program to provide optimal services for clients in the region.

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