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Eating Disorders Programs

Eating Disorders Programs

Eating Disorders are not just about food... nor are they just about shape and weight. Eating disorders can affect anyone - it doesn't matter what your economic background is, what race you are or what you do for a living. Although many people suffering from an eating disorder are adolescent girls and young women, they can also affect all ages and both genders. They also affect those who love them. It is very difficult to watch someone struggle and not be able to help.

If you are concerned that you may have an eating disorder or are worried about someone else, then we can help you figure out your next step. You may be asking yourself:

  • What is an eating disorder anyway?
  • Is this really a problem?
  • How can I talk to her?
  • How can I get him into treatment?
  • Will they make me do something I can't or don't want to do?
  • Can I really be helped after all this time?

It is important to know that Eating Disorders can be treated. Take reassurance in that the Eating Disorder Program has been in operation since 1987 and our staff are fully qualified in the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatments available. Our program is here to help you sort through the many areas of difficulty we all experience in order for you or your loved one to live life to its full potential.

And being a part of our program is not difficult. Anyone can contact us. However, a physician referral is a mandated requirement of St. Joseph's Care Group. If you do not have a physician or have concerns about obtaining the referral, you can contact the program and one of our friendly staff will gladly help you with this.

Breaking Up With ED

St. Joseph's Care Group and Raija Begall partnered together to produce the book "Breaking Up With ED" which chronicled Raija's thoughts and emotions as she struggled to overcome a serious eating disorder ("ED"). The book was written to help increase teens' knowledge of eating disorders but anyone can benefit from reading though this powerful resource.

To view additional Publications click here, or visit our accessiblity page to contact us about alternative formats

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