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Lakeview Methadone Clinic

Lakeview Methadone Clinic is a community-based treatment for persons with opioid dependence. We believe in an approach to the treatment of addiction that utilizes the full benefits of medication, substance abuse counseling, family support/counseling, and community-based resources in a multi-faceted approach.

Why would I need/ want this service?

MMT is a comprehensive treatment program that involves the long-term prescribing of methadone as an alternative to the opioid on which you are dependent. Methadone is a synthetic opioid. The onset of effect is within 30 minutes and lasts 24 hours or longer. Methadone aids in stopping the symptoms of drug withdrawal and drug cravings (only effective in clients with addiction to heroin, morphine, Percocet, Vicodin or other opioids).

Who is this service geared towards?

Lakeview Clinic offers Methadone Maintenance Treatment with case management services to people who are opioid dependent.

How can I get started with this service?

You can come in person for an application at St. Joseph's Health Centre you can contact the Mental Health Case Management Intake Coordinator.

When can I take this service?

There is a screening process that identifies Lakeview Methadone Clinic services is received, it is screened by the team and if all the admission criteria is met, an intake is scheduled. You will be contacted by a LVC case manager within two to three weeks of application.

What will this service offer me?

The Lakeview Clinic offers Methadone Maintenance Treatment with case management services. You will be assigned to a primary physician who will be your methadone prescriber and you will have a primary case manager. You will receive client-centered service which enables people to achieve and maintain their highest level of functioning and independence. Case managers work with the client to develop a treatment plan that will address multiple issues within the client’s environment.

These include Methadone Maintenance, individual counseling, advocacy and assistance with accessing community services, as well as coordination of medical care and support systems.

Access to the following services is also available: Dietitian, Employment Options (vocational rehabilitation), Psychology, Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatrist.

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