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Personal Development Programs

Psychoeducational Courses

What are Psychoeducational Courses?

Brief focus courses provide a unique therapeutic experience for clients to interact with others. The goal is to educate, promote group identification and cohesion, reduce client distress, and promote successful outcomes through facilitating behavioural and attitudinal changes. Psychoeducation courses are developed and run according to client need.

Which courses does the Personal Development Program offer?

Anger Management Group

This seven session course is designed to assist participants in managing and expressing their anger more effectively.

Anxiety (Understanding Anxiety)

This course helps clients to understand anxiety and learn a variety of coping strategies when feeling anxious.

Assertion Group

This course is designed to encourage participants to act in their own best interest and stand up for themselves while respecting others.

Communication Group

Participants will be able to identify deficits in their communication patterns and work on improving skills in these areas.

Depression (Understanding Depression)

This educational course is designed to help participants understand the nature of their depression and how to make changes in their behaviour and beliefs that can lead to a more productive life.

Family Issues Group

Through education, self-reflection and group discussions, participants will take stock of what happened to them when growing up, understand their behaviour and work towards making changes in the areas they choose.

Feeling Good Group

This course uses a cognitive approach to help participants become aware of and learn to challenge thoughts that may be negatively affecting their moods, self-esteem, productivity, and joy in daily living.


This course is designed to introduce clients to alternative perspectives of life and lifestyles.

Living with a Loss Group

This course is designed to assist participants in understanding and processing issues of loss effectively. The primary focus of the course is education related to the grieving process.

Men's Group

A course designed for men who want to broaden their range of cognitive, emotional and behavioural repertoires in order to increase their options for responding to challenging life and interpersonal situations.

Relationships Group

Participants will learn about strengthening relationships of all kinds – including friendships and intimate relationships.


This six session course is designed to assist participants in gaining a fuller, richer, more balanced sense of their self-worth.

Soul (Returning to Soul)

The Soul group is intended to acquaint participants with the workings of and the needs of soul, in particular with those aspects that have most impact on our psychological well-being.


Participants will be guided toward an awareness of their own spirituality and their spiritual well being and self care will be encouraged.

Stress Management

This six session course looks at the causes of stress and helps participants develop some coping skills in dealing with stress more effectively.

This Is Your Life - A Peer Support Group

The purpose of this consumer run peer support group is to provide a forum for ongoing support.


This course is designed to help participants reflect on the role that wellness plays across the various dimensions of their lives - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and explore options for moving them toward high level wellness.


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