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Course Description

Program: Personal Development Program
Length: Six Sessions
Time: One and a half-hours once a week


Work addiction, keeping harmful secrets, constantly attempting to solve others' problems, avoiding anger - all sorts of problems have their roots in the past, especially for those who grew up in dysfunctional families. Facing and then disconnecting from traumas of the past help people make positive changes. In a dysfunctional family, people learn to ignore or invalidate their feelings and experiences. As they silence their inner voices, they become numb. Without intervention, they may repeat the cycle.


Through education, self-reflection and group discussion, participants will take stock of what happened to them when growing up, understand their behaviour and work toward making changes in the areas they choose. Participants will be encouraged to explore and examine their feelings openly while acknowledging that they are responsible for their own behaviour, growth and pace. The healing process is the beginning of a lifelong growth that consists of paying attention to oneself and making choices based on self-knowledge.


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