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Pregnancy services are provided to those women with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes as well as those women who develop gestational diabetes during a pregnancy.

It is important to achieve and maintain good blood glucose control both before and during pregnancy. High blood glucose can put your baby at risk for complications at birth. Too much glucose in the blood amplifies the exposure to the baby and increases the likelihood of your baby putting on excess weight and size. This can result in complications at delivery for both baby and mom. For this reason, targets for blood glucose control in pregnancy complicated by diabetes, are much lower than in women with diabetes who are not pregnant.

The team provides follow up during the pregnancy to monitor the blood glucose control and to provide further education and support as required. We also provide an appointment for 6 weeks post partum counseling for those women who had gestational diabetes in pregnancy. At this visit we will provide information on how to prevent diabetes and offer follow-up services for weight management. The pregnancy team works with Obstetricians, Family physicians, Midwifes and specialists to ensure the best possible care of the mother and baby. The program offers preconception counseling to ensure good control of diabetes before pregnancy.


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