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Diabetes Health Thunder Bay

Children and Teenagers

What is this about?

Diabetes Health Thunder Bay is the Pediatric Diabetes program for most of Northwestern Ontario. We are one of 34 Pediatric diabetes programs funded by the Ministry and Health and Long term care and networked through the Network of Ontario Pediatric Diabetes Programs.

Who is this service for?

We provide diabetes education services for approximately 170 children with diabetes and their families. These children come from all of Northwestern Ontario as well as Thunder Bay. This includes on site clinics every 3 months with Pediatricians and an annual clinic with a team of Nurse Clinician and Pediatric Endocrinologist from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

What do we do?

At the first diagnosis of diabetes we are available for education in management of diabetes to family and friends. We provide survival skills to allow the child or teen to go home from hospital as quickly as possible. We provide ongoing support to families with diabetes care including adjustment of insulin when required. During clinic visits we work with the pediatricians to support changes in diabetes management related to growth and developmental.

Diabetes Health has a rapidly increasing thriving insulin infusion pump program as well for children and teens with diabetes. This program is the only Assistive Devices Program (ADP) designated site for Northern Ontario. In addition to all of our regular services we provide regular educational and social events for the children including support groups.

What other services are provided?

We provide nutrition and medical services to the family camp committee for Camp Firefly for children with diabetes. Some Type 2 clients are seen in groups before being seen individually. We provide regular school visits to those schools with children who have diabetes and provide education to the school staff as well as schoolmates. The team will also work with daycare staff or anyone who else who provides care and supervision for the child. Our counselor runs regular children's programs to introduce children to each other while participating in some discussions and fun activities.

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