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Accountability & Transparency

Patient (Client) Relations Process

St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) is committed to providing the best possible care for clients and their family. We appreciate and value your opinion. Feedback assists SJCG in improving services both to clients and the community.

Your Health Care... Be Involved!

(Excerpts taken from Your Health Care Be Involved

Be involved in your health care. Speak up if you have questions about your care.

Be an active member of your health care team. A member of your health care team is anyone who is assisting you with your care inside or outside of your home. Take part in every decision about your care. Ask questions so you can make informed choices. Come prepared for your health care appointment. Know what to do when you go home. If you don't feel your concerns are being heard, ask again.

Tell your health care team about your past illnesses and your current health condition.

You know the most about your health. Tell your health care team everything you can, even if you think they already know. Tell them even if you think it is not important.

Have all of your medicines with you at every health care appointment.

Some medicines combine with each other in your body and produce bad reactions. To protect you, your health care team must know about any prescription drugs you take. They must also know about other medicines you buy, such as:

  • vitamins
  • herbs and herbal remedies
  • food supplements
  • "over the counter" medicine you buy at the drugstore
Tell your health care team if you have ever had a reaction to any medicine or food.

If you get sick, your health care team may need to act fast. Before they give you any medicine, they will need to know if you could have a bad reaction to it. That's why you should tell them in advance about any allergy or reaction you have ever had to medicine or food.

Make sure you know what to do when you are at home.

When you are getting ready to come home from the hospital or after a health care appointment, ask as many questions as you can. Make sure you understand what you need to do when you are at home. Write this information down or have a family member or friend write it for you. Share the information with your other health care providers.

Annual Patient (Client) Survey

We invite clients to participate in an annual satisfaction survey to provide feedback on the services that you, or your family member, have received at St. Joseph's Care Group. We are interested in hearing your opinions and suggestions about our programs and services.

The survey is confidential and anonymous. Results are summarized in a report to help us improve our programs and services.

Survey Results:

In compliance with the Excellent Care for All Act, St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) conducts an annual patient and caregiver survey every fiscal year. The annual survey is one of the ways in which SJCG obtains feedback from clients and family members.

The survey is distributed to clients accessing services during a three week period every fall. Both clients and family member/substitute decision makers are encouraged to respond.

Making a Complaint

SJCG is committed to treating everyone with respect, sensitivity and confidentiality. No one will be subject to unfair treatment as a result of making a complaint about standards of care or services.

When a consumer of health care is dissatisfied or has a concern, they have a right to have their complaints heard and acted upon. It is important for us to know if there is a problem with any service or with our health care providers so that it can be resolved.

St. Joseph's Care Group aims to resolve complaints in a timely manner by:

  • Acknowledging the complaint within 24 routine or business hours
  • Providing a written or verbal response to the complainant within 10 working days.

Occasionally, a more serious or complex complaint may take longer to respond.

Concerns and dissatisfaction often develop due to miscommunication. Before making a formal complaint, we recommend talking directly with the person(s) involved or asking to speak with the manager or supervisor of the area. Issues related to a program or service can be addressed with the manager or supervisor.

When a direct approach is not possible or the issue cannot be resolved at that level, complaints can be submitted to St. Joseph's Care Group's Administration. The complaint can be submitted by letter, telephone or email. Complaints can also be made on behalf of someone else.

Giving a Compliment

Positive feedback is appreciated so we can keep doing what works well and recognize outstanding care or services. If you have had a positive experience with a staff member, volunteer or program, we'd like to hear about it and share your appreciation with those responsible.

The best way to recognize efforts of employees is to tell them directly or telephone, write or email his/her supervisor with your comments.

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