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Breaking the Cycle of Pain

Date: 2010-11-08

November 7-13, 2010 is National Pain Awareness Week. For over twelve years, St. Joseph's Care Group's Chronic Pain Management Program has been helping residents of Northwestern Ontario cope with chronic pain.

Chronic Pain is defined as pain that has persisted for longer than 6 months where other various medical interventions have not been successful. Pain that lasts for more than 6 months can affect one's physical health, mental health, emotional health, independence, finances, social life, sleep and recreation activities.

The Chronic Pain Management Program of St. Joseph's Care Group offers a six week program (by physician referral) and a two-day outreach workshop (open to registrants). While each individual sets their own goals, the program's interdisciplinary team endeavours to assist client to:

  • Manage chronic pain
  • Learn and develop better coping strategies to improve quality of life
  • Set realistic goals and start gaining some control over their life again
  • Identify other services in the community that can assist in reaching their goals

The program's interdisciplinary team includes a physiotherapist, social worker, exercise therapist, psychometrist, occupational therapist, therapeutic recreationist, psychologist, rehabilitation assistant, administration assistant and program manager.

The Team works with the client to improve quality of life by:

  • Involving in recreation opportunities,
  • Learning to pace their activities
  • Strengthening and building activity tolerance
  • Learning new sleep positions
  • Learning coping strategies that help them to manage pain and their emotions
  • Educating and supporting family
  • Providing education about their condition.

Residents of Northwestern Ontario interested in more information about this program can call 807.343.2408 or visit the Pain Management Program here.

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